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genjadeshade asked: Any thoughts on Donald Glover voicing Miles in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon? I'm super excited about it!



I literally have been sitting on this all year.  I am so glad this is out because I could not hold it any longer.

 I wasn’t able to be there for the recording because my daughter had a performance but Joe Q. sent me a personal video message from Donald which I will cherish for the rest of my days. it was pretty cool and a lovely surprise.

 when miles first debuted Donald’s name was being dropped in the press a lot, which was completely out of my control, and I always worried that he may not appreciate having his name out there with something he has nothing to do with… so for me it was a relief that he accepted the gig because it said that he didn’t mind being associated with the character. I hope that makes sense.

Back in the day, Walter would, every once in a while, forget how to draw. Remember?" Louise said.

“Oh yeah,” Walter agreed. “That still happens occasionally. It’s like, ‘Oh my god, nothing I’m drawing looks any good anymore. My life is over as an artist.’ And what I realized, because I was an editor at the time, and had seen a lot of work go past me, was that when you hit this phase where suddenly your stuff, which looks just like it did yesterday, doesn’t look good to you anymore, it’s because your mind has made a leap. Your brain has gotten farther than your hand has learned to do it yet. But eventually, give it a few weeks, keep it up and you’ve made a leap in your own craft. That was a big help because it was so depressing when you realize you couldn’t draw anymore.

From an interview with Walt and Louise Simonson. (via twiststreet)

Exactly this. 

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Read this in Bendis’ new book yesterday and nodded.

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